By Dylan Defazio

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Sales Funnels Hosted On WordPress

One Big Problem I’ve Faced When It Comes To Marketing Online Is Finding The Best Tools To Get The Job Done & Save Time & Money!

What I'm going to be sharing with you today is a very simple yet effective software which not only allows you to blog easier than any other wordpress plugin or software I have ever seen before.

This software also allows you to create all your sales funnels, membership sites and any other marketing pages that you can think of including integrated CRM so you can track your leads inside of DropFunnels which instantly saves you money that you would be spending on a link tracker.

You can get a 14 Day Free Trial of DropFunnels when you join through my link which will also help the blog out as they have an affiliate program which leads me into another amazing feature of DropFunnels which is the ability to easily share any sales funnel with all DropFunnels members.

If you head over to the Sales Funnels section of the SixFigureMarketersClub.com You will be able to copy any of the sales funnels I have for various products that I am promoting online.

I don’t create a sales funnel without setting it up in a simple 3 step process which I go more in-depth on,, but in short I focus on finding a high quality product, then I set up a sales funnel which consists of 3 steps.

Step #1 - Setting up our High Quality Offer
Step #2 - Setting up our Share Funnel Inside of DropFunnels
Step #3 - Build Your Email List From My Sales Funnels
Bonus - How To Get Traffic Both Free & Paid

Now the amazing thing about setting up these funnels is that you don’t have to worry about updating or having your system go dry, the system will automatically update all funnels from that share code.

You will also have the ability to earn from multiple income streams as every single step adds another new income stream once you have it setup.

Meaning you will get paid from the main product, DropFunnels, Udimi and Aweber now all 4 steps are very important if you want to build a stable income online and the only thing that changes in each funnel is the main product.

So make sure that you get your hands on DropFunnels and head over to the sales funnel tab on the website and start copying my funnels so that you can start making some MONEY!

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